How To Prevent WhatsApp From Using More Internet Data

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How To Prevent WhatsApp From Using More Internet Data  : 

In this guide of “How To Prevent WhatsApp From Using More Internet Data” we will see how you can prevent the using of extra data by whatsapp when you are using it on your device….Any application in android device uses an data for it’s proper working or running purpose…But some of them uses an extra and lower down your device internal storage. 

As WhatsApp is the perfect app for chatting with all your friends and family. It offers everything you need for a great messaging app – audio and video calling, group chats, cross-platform compatibility (including desktop), encrypted messages and more.

While text chats take only a fraction of the internet data, most of them are taken by images and videos shared on the platform. Thankfully, WhatsApp has included a feature in its app using which people can have a better control on how much data it consumes and in what conditions. The app lets you switch off a feature that automatically downloads the media content when on cellular data or on Wi-Fi.

Whatsapp more data usage

So by using following steps you can prevent the extra data usage by whatsapp : 

Step 1 : Open the app and tap on the three dot or gear icon to access the Settings page.

Step 2 : In the Settings page, tap on “Data and storage usage”.

Step 3 : Under the ‘Media auto-download’ tap on “When using mobile data” option.

Step 4 : In the dialogue box tap on the media type you want WhatsApp to auto download when using cellular data.

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Step 5 : Repeat the same step with ‘When connected on Wi-Fi and ‘When roaming’options.

Step 6 : Under the “Call Settings” segment you can turn on ‘Low data usage’ option. This will lower the amount of                  data used during a WhatsApp call.

After following above steps….Now you can save your internal space from getting full.

Restrict Your Chat Backup :

WhatsApp allows you to make a backup of your chats and media to the cloud. This means that it stores a copy of all your text chats, images and videos (not your voice calls though) on your Google Drive account so that you can retrieve them later, such as after changing phone or a re-installation.This feature helps a lot if you value your conversations and their contents. 

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Now your chat data does not need to be back up when you are on the go. You can wait till you reach a Wi-Fi hotspot to have it done. You can set that in Settings > Chats > Chat Backup.

There is a button in the main chat Backup menu that allows you to make the backup whenever you want manually. 
You also want to exclude videos from your backups, which anyway can be downloaded anyway whenever you want. So, in the same Chat backup menu, make sure the ‘Include videos’ option remains unchecked.
So that’s all about How To Prevent WhatsApp From Using More Internet Data  .. We have seen all the ways of preventing whatsapp to use an extra data while using it…..Above are the very simple steps which you can do in minutes of time……We hope that you like this article..If you then Don’t forget to share your thoughts in comment box below…!!!!
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